The recent trading of accusations by antagonists of clubs which refereeing decisions favored is highly uninformed and brash and lopesided. Can all the clubs bribe all the referees and even all fifa federations? We know the problem is the quality and dearth of able and competent referees. From manchester united,to german national team,england,arsenal,chelsea,barcelona are few of the endless list of teams that have benefitted from this endless blunders by the supposed umpires. I am a big fan of sepp blatter but am a critic of his seeming political manouevrings of critical problems bedevilling the football world. Today england have won a world cup they don’t deserve,barcelona pride themselves as the indomitable champs despite horrendous decisions seeming to always go their favor. Lots more abound, and astute lovers and followers of d game have voiced their downright condemnation for dis shameful displays which if not checked will bring the world’s most loved sports to disrepute.joseph sepp blatter has played with our sensibilities at all times when the call for foal mouth technology was echoed,and will sing the tune and even get companies submit bid only when seeking reelection. When bribery scandal rocked FIFA prior to his reelection bid,ten companies submitted various modified models as to how this menace can be curbed; alas nothing yet two years on. About two decades or less when competent referees abound,likes of anders frisk,kim milton,nielsen,ali busayn,and graham poll,decisive errors were minimal to the point of non existence. Infact pirluigi collina and massimo busacca were too accurate to a fault,and as such a lot of their decisions will have to be shown on replay before u agree wit them. Little wonder it took mauricio pochettino fraction of a second to clip micheal owen’s leg and to the amazement of all collina blew a hotly contested penalty which was resolved by the experimental video replay team 10)rs ago. He was spot on,almost never wrong, and the football world still wished this models were around to steer the game out of this quagmire. If non human factors will make deserved winners not losers who cares how long the game take or how computerised it is? Who cares!! Enough of this injustice and I call on all lovers of the game to lend their voice to prevent the only thing we adore from untimely extinction.