Earthquake, tornado,pithch tremor,or any adjective you engage to qualify the decider to the premiership title for the 2011/2012 season will never be an over emphasized one. At the magnificient commonwealth stadium which was renamed etihad will witness the greatest encounter of all time between these two clubs,manchester united, the undisputed kings of the english game, and a highly rejuvenated and motivated city side laddened with sublimely talented players. Tonight city will go for the jugular knowing fully well that a victory of any kind will put them on top of the log with two games to go and united, the defending champs will at worst hope to avoid a defeat and win their subseqent games to win the title for an unprecedented 20th time. The key players tonight will certainly be wayne rooney popularly refered to as WAZZA or the WHITEPELE by the vociferous english fans, and Carlos tevez who mancini admitted regretting not having him all through the season owing to an avoidable and needless dispute which kept the striker away for 6months and immediately kicked off where he left it banging in goals with unimaginable poaching instincts. Surely,tempers will fly, and obviously andre marriner will have his hands full tonight as any questionable call will generate unending controversies and acrimony that can last the fans a lifetime. Where will the pendulum swing? The next few hours will answer that billion dollar question. Off I go to grab my drink and nervously grab my seat to watch this gruelling encounter