After 25yrs at the helm of affairs at d plum job at manchester united, sir alex ferguson has dominated with impunity the local scene winning almost all times and choosing to let it go when he deems fit,or so it seems. Hence an epl title is no news at old trafford. This is in sharp contrast to his team’s performance in european competitions. With an unimpressive two championship titles in 25yrs,its evident there is a huge difference in performance on the two fronts and the reasons are not far fetched. From the late eighties when milan paraded wat pundits view as d most talented squad of all time, milan dominated the scene with their robust play,extremely gifted players, and a sound coaching crew making them set records which till date is unequalled by any in d game’s history. 56games unbeaten streak extending almost two full seasons, before a faustino asprilla freekick gave parma a hard earned victory breaking their glorious runs of victories. Then juventus,barca,madrid and bayern all had glorious campaigns in europe with english clubsides winking in the dark all the years. Manchester united won at camp nou in 1999 a victory that reminds us again that its not all the time the better team wins, as till date it still baffles pundits how united created two aerial challenge in the last minute and scored two goals in a game they should have been long buried,providence you might say. One wonders why fergy has not had a successful european campaigns all along, simple answer is the EPL clubs are mediocres and offered little challenge thereby making the united team less competitive at a bigger front despite been the most successful english side. Truth is manchester united have not been spectacular all along except on rare occassions. Too many average players with low skills on the ball, can’t dribble two or more players in tight situations,and mostly depend on team synergy, long balls, and the extreme hype enjoyed by the english press. Have manchester united produced a player of xavi or iniesta in midfield in the last two decades? No. Even paul ince whom archie Mc.pherson described as being always inches away from the ball when the german machine ran rings round them in wembley in 1996 and since then the quality of the EPL is reflected in the national team of england. How on earth would a fan prefer a phil jones to a very skillful rafael da silva?,or a cleverley to anderson? Unskillful players will make u cry on a day the team’s tactics isn’t workimg. Same goes for a box striker who struggles to control the ball and will score many goals with majority tap in sitters and can’t contribute to the team when it is struggling.little wonder no english player have ever been adjudged to be the best in the world despite having a history of playing the game for centuries. Its logical to know that inzaghi,crespo,trezeguet,nistelrooy, and their likes will have the best goal per game ratio but will not even make it to the top five best players in a european season. Its no coincidence or wrong assessment because truth is we are fans of the game because of players like ronaldo dalima, wayne rooney, elber,henry, zidane,ronaldinho,bergkamp,rivaldo,kluivert,gascoigne,and lots of other tremendously skillful players who keep you on your edges week in week out while they played. All one need do is go watch the clips of these players and we will know that a striker should not and will never be judged only by the number of goals he has scored only but also by his creative ability to leave indelible marks on the minds of any who ever watched him play. All I need do is close my eyes and imagine da lima at his best and I still scream unconsciously but can hardly remember any clever move made by a nistelrooy or inzaghi despite painting europe with goals. English clubs need to look outside their shores for concrete reinforcements and make the EPL a new brand which parades great talents and will play attractive football devoid of too much physical play,running even when not necessary and the long balls which gives the opponent a 50percent chance of winning it as compared to the barcelona brand which ensures the ball is glued to your feet to the disgust and impatience of your opposition.I look forward to a much better performance from english clubs next season where talent will take priority over strenght and physical football.