Abdullahi Olakunle Mustapha
Aliyu aliyu pls go watch dat game u said rafael was poor again and tell me if jones in his wildest imagination will play like rafael! Aliyu wat did jones do all thru today? He can’t cross, assist nani in d normal one-two between. Our full baks and wingers culd not happen bcos jones can’t dribble a single player. Go chek wen nani passed d ball to him and jones crossed wen he had acres of space to drive in and deliver a low cross. Truth is he can’t. Aliyu why do we extol players like panucci,zambrotta,cafu, alves,leonardo, and co it was obviously for their attackin instincts far more than their primary role as defenders. U remember how we both scream and lose our voices wen carlos would control a 50yards pass wit a toe and shoot from midfield ,what was he? Aliyu gone are d days for mediocres and average players who rely on team play to blend. Aint u tired of english untalented lots? Haba alihon, out european performance have been dismal despite dominatin on d local front simply because we played mediocres. Now city bought deeply talented players and we had no attempt on goal for 90minutes. So pathetic. Players like jones,carik,cleverley aint instinctively talented players like iraola,lorente,and those spanish youngsters dominatin d laliga. Aliyu time is up for mediocres and if fergy don’t leave now or go buy really talented players , then city will begin to dominate and create a new era like any other club who toe their way. We have only dominated bcos we played low quality teams and our european performances have shown we aint world class.from 1998 to 2008, we won d epl title about 6 times but barely got to d ucl final and were just d luckier side to have won just like in d 1999 finals wen we had no shot on goal until d 90th minute. Let’s go buy deeply talented players and stop expecting a carrik and cleverley to form d crux of an ambitious team. Trut is we have been too lucky at times and still feel d most one sided ucl finals I have watched was rome in 2009 and wembley 2011. Jones at best shld be a central defender where only strenght and size is mostly needed not wen u expect any creative tin to be done wit d feets. Check my blog tomoro. This was wat I waited for all these years,a team dat wilkl have foreign talented players since english players have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are at best mediocres. How do u feel watchin those spanish clubs play? Bilbao held my breath 4 180minutes and was clapping unconsciously at their sublime skills. Time for a change man. Sell all who can’t pass d ball 30yards and make a reasonable run. Barca have shown d world dat size, and strenght are secondary in football

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