A nation so rich yet experiences unprecedented poverty,extreme deprivations,infrastructural decay,unimaginable looting culture all deeply accentuated by an unbelievable indifference typified by the ruled populace obviously emanating from cowardice,disunity and hypocrisy are the perfect recipe and prerequisite for a speedy inevitable disintegration.        For over 5decades nothing has worked,the people seem accustomed to d pangs of hunger,sufferings,darkness, and massive unemployment. Despite earning trillions annually, and no visible projects at enhancing the living standards of nigerians the nation is still indebted to over 44 bndollars. An obviously incapable president is steering d ship of the nation to sinking points. Question is,what legacy would we live for our unborn generation? Aren’t we breeding a new syria yemen or libya? Wont it be shameful if we all lament after bloodshed which could have been averted . I forewarn before its too late.